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This PowerPoint Gallery, created while a member of ICJ Peace's Advisory Board was teaching a course on Middle East political and legal reform at the University of California-Irvine, reflects a creative endeavor to bring the material to life in the classroom.

In an increasingly inter-connected world where transnational crime, corruption, terrorism and nuclear proliferation pose a grave threat to the security of all nation states, these PowerPoint slides highlight the importance of the rule of law and good governance as a robust countervailing force in the creation of a sustainable human security framework.

Presented in an engaging multi-media format, this PowerPoint series covers wide-ranging topics such as the reasons for the persistent authoritarian impulse in the Middle East, the compatibility of Islam and democracy, and the challenges the United States continues to face in the region.

ICJ Peace grants full permission to use all the PowerPoint presentations for public educational purposes only.

Share the knowledge and help shape a more just global social and political order.

PowerPoint Media Archive

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Introduction and Overview: The Middle East in Perspective
The "Robustness of Authoritarianism" and the Prospects for Democratization
Political Islam: Can Islamists be Democrats?
Democratization Barriers: The Resource Curse, Socio-Economic Challenges, and Regional Conflict
Civil Society, the Press and Human Rights
Policy Choices: American Engagement, the Iraqi Experience and the Outlook for Democracy Promotion Efforts

The next set of PowerPoint slides examine the Iran nuclear weapons issue and propose a diplomatic structure for constructive engagement. Perhaps no other dilemma in the Middle East at the present time, with the exception of the Arab-Israeli conflict, demands our immediate attention. Value-based reasonable discourse, coupled with level-headed diplomacy entrenched in the rule of law, is the most prudent path that can propel us in the direction of real reconciliation.

In order to secure international peace and security globally, all nations ought to unequivocally embrace the wording of Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and move towards complete nuclear disarmament.

A Framework for Diplomatic Engagement: The Iran Nuclear Weapons Program