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The ravages of war not only affect those it so profoundly touches, but also disturbs that human conscience that we are sometimes guilty of ignoring. That collective conscience is always there, ever-present, becoming increasingly distorted as transgressions stemming from intolerance, cruelty, and gross injustice continue to be propagated. It is therefore incumbent on us all, especially the 'distant observers', to do all that we can to bring this "collective conscience" back into harmony.

As the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of three Abrahamic religions, the Middle East continues to undergo tremendous turmoil. This need not be the case. There are opportunities for common ground and openings for effective dialogue. Heightened passions, disingenuous political maneuvering and unrestrained violence all obscure the path to peaceful co-existence. That path to security lies in one simple principle: compassion. If practiced and implemented, this principle has the potential of unlocking years of animosity, mistrust and ingrained misconceptions of the "other."

The medium of photography serves as a reminder of an ongoing disharmonious narrative that we have the ability to alter.  By bringing the human dimension to the forefront, it is our hope at ICJ Peace that these vivid images underscore our "collective humanity." Gruesome documented images should galvanize us to action: ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice and victims accorded equitable remedies.

The following talented photographers cover some of the Middle East's recent conflicts with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Their work not only portrays the devastation that has beset many parts of the region but also focuses with discriminating detail on the human element which is sadly too often forgotten.

Please click on the names below to view the respective streaming narrated photography portfolios:
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