ICJ Peace International Coalition

for Justice and Peace
ICJ Peace Leadership Philosophy

At ICJ Peace, we believe in collaborative leadership built around the ethos of community, cooperation across boundaries, vision and balance. This balance, rooted in pragmatic idealism, is distributed between our Advisory Board and The International Coalition for Justice and Peace - a group of our core partners working in concert with us to advance our vision.

The ICJ Peace Advisory Board aims to solidify strategic alliances based on shared values in order to elevate compassion, build bridges and harmonize conflict. We firmly believe in the rule of law, human rights, and the universal truths that ought to bind humanity: empathy, compassion and love as encapsulated in The Golden Rule

This platform exists to inspire, empower and transform lives all within the rubric of creative artistic expression. As this is your space first and foremost, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please join us on this global quest for justice and peace by staying connected to updates on our Facebook ICJ Peace Network

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